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of the digital economy
Dinube is 100% digital – your private payment network for the digital age. Cards are obsolescent. Built to securely protect your data and easily manage your expenses and payments from your smartphone, Dinube works with your existing bank account so there is no card involved. Since there is no card, there are no cardholder fees. Simple, right? That’s why Dinube is free
Dinube is the digital network that enables banks and merchants to work together to serve you better.


Card networks VS digital payments

Long ago, banks issued cards because there wasn’t anything better. Today things are easier. With Dinube you don’t need cards anymore. It’s really simple. Your bank can let you pay straight from your account using just your smartphone, It feels good to pay this way!


Tarjetas Cards

Existing networks are based on a long string of numbers with expiry dates and other digits. Your name is tied to a static card number that gets used again and again. So when you pay, card networks record and track your transactions. Your personal data is sold. There is no way to manage your privacy.
Dinube Dinube

For fast, digital payments shop online without fumbling with numbers or just tap and go in shops. With Dinube’s unique “incognito mode” make secure, anonymous payments from your personal account. None of your personal information is shared. Ever.


security payments with dinube
World first
privacy protection
Dinube helps you to automatically control any information you share with third-parties, based on the principle of user consent. Our team of scientists has developed state-of-the-art algorithmic methods to protect your digital identity, making Dinube the only payment network with a privacy shield.
Unlike credit card companies Dinube lets YOU decide what personal information you want to share. The Dinube “Incognito” mode protects your identity when you do not wish to share your private information. Just like when you pay in cash. Except, everything is digital.
Dinube Security

Secure payments

To optimise the security of your payments, Dinube has developed a proprietary system secured with a dynamic “token,” a code that is unique to each transaction. Unlike your credit card number, it cannot be reused and it is only valid for a few seconds.
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