No more card fees: pay one flat rate forever!

Since there is no card involved, Dinube does not charge card fees. Easy to grasp, right? Regardless of the size of your business, geographic location or sector, you pay one flat rate.

  • Cut costly card-acceptance fees
  • Digitise receipts and loyalty schemes via mobile
  • Create a powerful omnichannel experience


pay one flate rate for every transaction

digital receipt

Offer to your customers a digital receipt

loyalty programmes

Full integration with your loyalty programmes

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Dinube is the digital network that enables banks and merchants to work together to deliver an amazing shopping experience to their customers.
The mobile is the place where data interfaces with our lives. Dinube is the payment network that connects customers’ mobiles to a bank account to make payments in a retail environment.


  • Digital solution for
    every type of business


    Integrate Dinube as a 100% digital payment solution into their existing payment flow...


    Gain a competitive edge by accessing a payment and loyalty solution that is 100% digital...


    It's convenient, cheap and easy to set up Dinube as a 100% digital payment solution...


    Vending Machine Operators (VMOs) can now accept digital payments from any smartphones...



  • Plug & play with all your devices

    Works with your existing infrastructure

    Reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Dinube flows in your existing payment setup and works side by side other payment networks in most Pinpads. If you are moving to contactless, Dinube is already HCE* enabled.

    * Host Card Emulation

  • 100 % digital payment

    Save time and money

    Dinube is the only payment network that is 100% digital. No plastic, less paper receipts, less paper coupons means more savings. Enquire now about making your loyalty programme available on a smartphone.

  • Connect with customers in-store and online

    Your customers are unique. Let the magic happen

    Curate their shopping experience by delivering personal interactions via customers’ smartphones. Dinube is accepted at bricks and mortar shops like yours and for online purchases. Both contexts blend on the Smartphone

  • Get instant loyalty signups

    Mobilise your loyalty programme

    Acquire new customers without printed forms. Users can easily sign up from their smartphones to join your loyalty programme.

  • Create highly-personal offers in realtime

    Still issuing paper coupons?

    Smart consumers want smart offers on their smart phones. Paper just isn’t good enough.

Do you want to know why
card networks cost so much?

To find out how to integrate Dinube in your store, please provide your contact details below to download the PDF with detailed information

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