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  • manage your budget with Dinube
    Control de gasto y presupuesto

    You’re in control

    Your budget is balanced

    Monitor your money as you spend it. Let Dinube worry about budgeting. You know where you stand at any time because you can easily manage your expenses by fixing a daily spending limit. Your Dinube account keeps track of every payment and suggests savings options. Always available, wherever you are.

  • digital receipts of your purchases with Dinube
    Sistema integrado de pago

    Digital payment system

    Go digital with Dinube

    Searching for that lost sales receipt or rewards card? Got it! All your receipts are securely stored in digital format in your personal Dinube cloud, with full details of every transaction, in addition to all your loyalty programmes. Everything conveniently at the tips of your fingers in your Dinube app - just when you need them

  • privacy paying with Dinube
    Alto nivel de privacidad

    Full privacy

    Go incognito!

    Dinube is the only payment network that offers full privacy protection. So if you don’t use any loyalty programme to pay, Dinube offers you the “Incognito” mode to protect your identity when you do not wish share any personal information. It’s like paying in cash, except everything is digital

  • secure purchases with Dinube
    Máxima seguridad

    Optimised for security

    Imagine having a new card for every payment?

    It’s like having a new card issued for every purchase – one that only lasts for seconds. Dinube is 100% digital so there is no card number or expiry date involved. You pay from your personal account with an encrypted number sequence for immediate, single-use only. Dinube double-authenticates your mobile so even if you lose your phone, everything is safely stored in the cloud

  • payign from every device


    Wherever you are connected

    Pay from your mobile, tablet or computer, check the amount and confirm by entering your PIN on your smartphone and instantly get the receipt. Get ready to pay from your connected car!

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