About us

Dinube was born in a lab at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
From the outset we’ve been dedicated to building new, innovative ways to simplify how banks and merchants interact to better serve their customers.

We believe that commerce is the lifeblood of the economy and so we have created a new, digital payment network to help merchants, banks and their customers prosper in the digital economy.

Existing card payment networks have been around for more than half a century. After an incredible track-record of achievements and the convenience that they have provided to millions of people around the world, the system and aboveall, the technology these networks are based on, is obsolescent.

Dinube believes the digital economy opens up new opportunities to increase choice and free competition. By connecting consumers’ bank accounts to merchants’ bank accounts over our realtime, digital network, Dinube is able to deliver a compelling, highly-personalised customer experience.


To find out how to integrate Dinube in your store, please provide your contact details below to download the PDF with detailed information

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