Europe's first digital 

payment network.

We've got your back. Never worry again about your personal data. Welcome to the payment network with full privacy controls.


annual fees


stores (and growing)


levels of encryption

Connect any Bank*

Sync any device with your bank and pay Account-to-Account. No more cards.

Instant Payments

Easily send or get money in realtime*

Data Protection

 Privacy algorithms (patent-pending) for a personal experience

Get better Credit

Access low APR % credit on your digital payments.^

Add Friends

No limit on the number of friends you can add.

No fees

No plastic cards, no tracking, nothing holding you back.

One digital superapp.

No cards. Unlimited friends. Full privacy protection. 

Fast, smart and personally yours.

Easy and instant

Send or receive instant Euros account-to-account, anywhere within SEPA Europe. No cards or 16-digit hassles. Instant love.

A more personal experience

Want to pay in stores the same way you pay online?  Now you can easily. Our patent-pending privacy settings let you configure a shopping experience personally for you - without giving away your data.

Keep your data private

The digital economy is about you and your data. We built a smarter payment network so you don't have to give away all your personal data. 

"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with (their) privacy. "

          Universal Declaration of Human Rights, art. 12.

"The companies that do the best job managing a user’s privacy will be the companies that ultimately are the most successful."

Fred Wilson

Fearless confidence.

Purchase with privacy protection

 Europe's 1st payment network

Privacy that you can't get from a card.

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It's time to take your data into your own hands.

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